Women Imprint's core mission lies in fostering greater representation of women creatives in the public space.

Podcast: Portrait Series

We archive the voice of female creatives by interviewing women working today in our so called "Portrait Series". Through audio recordings, Women Imprint facilitates the archiving of personal biographies that come to life through the creative’s own voice. Ownership and interpretation of a woman’s personal history is to Women Imprint a right and "Portrait series" therefore an archival mission in our strategy for change. 

Books: Women Walking Tours

We document creative women who have lived in certain places and left a mark. This is done through curated walking tours. The stops in each tour can be seen as a memorial to women who are all too often left out of public dedications. They provide information for travelers and locals alike to visit places in a fun, easy, and accessible way while they can also be read as “armchair travels” educating the reader from home. They are a celebration of women’s history.

MMS Awareness

Through our Women Walking Tours, we re-evaluate cities and their interpretation of history: Which monuments and statues are present? What are their purpose, perspective, and impact? How can women’s historical contributions be adapted or reinterpreted as integral to a community's history through the city’s monuments, memorials, and statues (MMS)? Women Imprint collaborates with activists and artists to create a more equal and honest collective memory.