Walking Herstory

The naming of places, their explanation, and the ascription of significance fundamentally change our perception: an old stone house becomes the birthplace of a beloved writer – therefore, the very beginning of their oeuvre; a simple park becomes a place of protest, history written. These two examples alone show how places change in our perception once we know their story. They become a symbol – a symbol for freedom, justice, creativity. We feel a connection and become more attached to the places where we live or that we visit. 

Women Imprint creates carefully curated tours through women's history. These easy walks make the exploration of a city fun while you can also enjoy the strolls from the comfort of your armchair. 

In celebration of slowing down life's pace, each tour is walkable and designed around the times of the day: A half-day walk, for instance, may start in the morning at a breakfast place and end with lunch or afternoon coffee. While some stops are worth a more extended visit, such as a museum, others are marked as "on the way". Both include significant landmarks of women's history, some of them not yet memorialized. 

Rigorously researched, our tours share the stories of a diverse set of creative women, including discussion questions to spark conversation on overlooked and under-appreciated women's history. 

By discussing the impact these women had on their communities, we re-evaluate cities and their interpretation of history: Which monuments and statues are present? What are their purpose, perspective, and impact? How can women's historical contributions be adapted or reinterpreted as integral to a community's history through the city's monuments, memorials, and statues (MMS)?